Budget Barbie Ph New Collection and Sinister..RAWR!

Thursday, October 25, 2012
Hey guys! Just advertising my new collection of blazers!

I love blazers so much! I collect them! I have yellow, red, pink, blue and many more!

This turquoise blue is my new love from my collection in Budget Barbie Ph.

and now my model/friend wearing the floral collection!

I'm also wearing Budget Barbie PH pants!

Shades - Forever 21

It's soooo Kourtney Kardashian inspired shades!

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Candy colored blazer - p690

Floral blazer - P750

watch - Fossil 

behind the scenes.. lol

necklace - Budget Barbie PH

shades - Nava

Don't you just love the Floral blazer???


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Friendship and Business at the same time!



so pretty! love her!

thanks besh!

Shorts - Budget Barbie PH

The famous smile! 


Then we ate at Classic Savory!

After that we watched Sinister! It was so scary and creepy!!! The musical score is the best! I loved the story.. but then on the end of the movie/twist is so boring! I was so disappointed! No violence on the end! Just watch it on DVD! But Ethan Hawk did a great job on his acting skills!

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. I wasn't so scared besh :) I love your look yesterday. Thanks for making me beautiful. :) haha. I love blazers tooooooo. :) love you. Ty for the time well spent. Til next time