Prometheus Movie Review

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hello everyone! Yesterday, me and my family went to watch Prometheus Movie. I did not know anything about it, I just thought that Charlize Theron was in it and it was about Aliens (which I was not a fan of.) My brother in law said that it has good reviews and I was excited to see it.

The first 30 minutes was kinda boring. It was a mission for Research on where we came from. It was weird. But it kept me watching. I was so confused, I keep wanting for more, for answers. Don't get me wrong but I'm kinda the predictor of scripts. That's why I liked it. It was so unpredictable. It was amazing for me why someone like me could not get the storyline. LOL

My sis told me it's a shitty movie, but I scored it 9/10. It is for movie addicts like me who needs something new and something to use my brain. I was in a good mood after watching it. Charlize Theron was a good actress there. So sleek and straightforward. Dr. Elizabeth Shaw was amazing.

For moviegoers that's not open minded, then don't watch.Just watch it on DVD, LOL!

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