Quiet Time with Mama Part 1

Thursday, June 28, 2012
Hi everyone! We had some quiet time with my mama last June 1-3. I decided to post it in 3 parts! :) My sis and mom!

Haffyfrincessz in the house!

Our tourguides!


With mom!

Three peas in a pod


Our fave restaurant! Recipes!

The couple of the day!

Sexy legs

with my twin (miss her)

Oh happy days!

Can you tell that she's 52?

My sexy starbucks pose!

Hugging my mom coz we will not see each other for a year! Cherish every moments you have.


  1. Aww! you mom soo gorgeous and she have a nice body I'm soo envy !!:( hehehe bt honestly you guys loook more siblings than mother n daughter! :)

  2. thank you Alice! yes, Im so proud of my mom she really is aging gracefully.. I wish I look just like her when I turn 50 :)

    1. hehhe:)yeah! do agreee with you! bt seriously! i need you mom secret of having this amazing body! haha:P if you mom still much more younger she can be greaaaat model! hihi:)