Sunday, June 24, 2012
Gosh! I gained like 4 lbs. after the wedding. For about four months, I deprived myself from all the things that I love so that I could look sexy on my wedding day. Note: (waistline 24)But after the wedding, vacation came, sweets and fatty foods come and go. I finally have time to cook all the time for my family. So when I checked on the scale, I could not blame myself. Coz I have to be happy. So it's about a month since my wedding day, and I have to wake myself up, pull my ass to the gym and less food. Remove the fat kid inside me and be focused again. Nothing is much satisfying than having a sexy and confident body specially to my husband. (compared to eating of course.)LOL. Anyway, Have a happy monday everyone and it's not gonna be for me coz I have to suffer exercising.


  1. hahha:D bt i sure you still a gorgeous wife to you husband. hehe:) btw do share you method of exercising! hehehhe:)