Counting your Blessings

Friday, December 23, 2011
It's Christmas Time! Christmas for me is all about being with family. In most of my years, I have been spending it with my ate, kuya, papa and mama. I was so happy back then eating my favorite food, receiving gifts and I just feel loved.
But life is not always what I expected it to be.. My mom has to go to New York for work, me and my dad was not in good terms for years. I was miserable at times but I am still grateful.
Then my kuya tried his luck in Manila for work, so it's only my sister and me here in Davao.
If you look at me, it seems like I was happy but I'm not. I miss them so much. They are reason why I am here in this world, and of course, it does not help the fact that me and my dad are not in good terms.
Then this wonderful guy came, my prince charming.. He makes it a point to make me happy. He is always there for me.. He loved me unconditionally... Then our bundle of joy came.. which made our life even more colorful and our love even more stronger..

Then, my bestfriend, my sister has to go.. she's now in Jeddah...
So, right now, it's only me..

Sometimes makes me feel sad, but I have to count my blessings. I have a great husband, healthy son, a loving and accepting in-laws, business to manage, work that gives time to do what I love.
They are also not gone, I can fb, call, text my mom, ate and kuya. Thank God for it!
This year, it has been a great year for me because me and my dad is in good terms.

My life is not perfect, but I am still grateful that life has been good to me.
I know I deserve it...I've been through some rocky situations.
Thank you God for your blessings. I give all the glory back to you.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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