Christmas Gift Suggestions for your best girl friends :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
I finished all of my xmas gift shopping for the people I love last Friday. It's better to buy early so I can't fight with people on the holiday rush were people is so neurotic!!!

For xmas suggestions for your girlfriends, here are my tips!!

1. Maybelline - Everything is at 30% off!!!
2. Etude House - No sale but there are some things that are very interesting that costs less than a hundred like fake eyelashes, beauty masks, or nail polish
3. TOMLIZ ACCESSORIES! It is located in Bangoy Street! You can buy cute pouches, cute notebooks, accessories that is so stylishh!!!!!! yeah baby!! I love that store!
4. SM Department Store - If you have a lot of budget, there's so many awesome finds at SM, specially the teens department.

It was so rainy and traffic last Friday, so I took so many pictures of me. LOL I love buying things for people I care about! So happy and blessed to have them. I'm so grateful! :)Prayers for the people in CDO and Iligan.

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