I spent my Christmas.. Like a Boss!

Sunday, December 25, 2011
Christmas is all about family. We spent the whole day and night together just having fun and some hugs and kisses. My hubby and I started the NO RICE POLICY..(he lost ten lbs.) so we can't go to any nice restaurants. (Goodbye food blogging) So we went to chicco di cafe at Abreeza mall, bought fries and chicken for liam, shawarma and water for EK, shawarma, cake and extra large of caramel latte for me.

So we decided to stay for awhile in Chico so that when we go home he will sleep.. and Ek and I will have some alone time. (blush) LOL but I have to work make some writing..so they played tab while Im enjoying my coffee

So nice to see your hubby and son happy!

Liam following Home Alone pic! (stage mommy mode)

My hubby and me!

I did not enjoy my coffee so much because Liam keeps playing with my hair!

Shopping! I'll be making a separate blog for my shopping xmas haul!
Liam and Ek playing around while going to the parking lot.
Xmas Eve with Ek's family.

Love, Love, Love!

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