Girly Night out with Arlene (no Dirty Old Man, please)

Thursday, December 22, 2011
Arlene was my first friend in Cebu Pacific. We hit it off immediately as if we were friends for a long time.

So I was happy to bond with her. Our boss sir Nic invited us to their Xmas Party.
My boss Sir Nic! He's great!

We partied like there's no tomorrow, no hubby, baby or boyfriend to think of.

with our pretty assistant manager Ma'am Cec

with Ma'am Nor!

We went to Mcdo!But it was boring and no Wifi!
So we went to Banana Berry instead. It was such a fun moment when we talked about life, love and the irony of life.

It's pretty common when guys hit on me.Yikes! There are group of guys who say, hey I'm a dentist (as if I care, ego much, I wanna say, my hubby is a businessman and I dont care about you.LOL), or guys who are younger than me and says we belong together, note: can't you see the wedding ring? Lol anyway I had the second chance of a Dirty Old Man hitting on me last night. The first one was a man offering me expensive shoes so he can get my number.eeww. Anyway, about the second one, I did not care at first because I was so busy with Arlene, later on the  waiter told me that the guy WHO OWNS A LOT OF MALLS, HAS A CRUSH ON ME AND WANTS TO GET MY NUMBER. EEEWWWW, AND he's about in his 60'sssss.... even older than my FATHER! eeeewwww. I got shocked and escaped THE HELL OUT! LOL

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