Fashion # 21 Dainty Look :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011
Hi everyone! New fashion post and a new suggestion for a hairstyle! :)
I bought this in Forever 21 Singapore.. It's so Gyaruish.. cute!!! I also have an orangey-pink one! :)
I went to our reunion, I used The Face shop BB Cream, maybelline black liner for my upper lid, brown liner for lower eyes, Ever Bilena blush on, Covergirl concealer, Naked eyeshadow, and Etude pink lipstick

For a more dainty look, I wore a Victorian inspired earrings!

At the party

With my cousin KC..

With some of my relatives!

The incomplete Cancio clan

Liam and tita KC dancing!
Liam king of the dance floor (got the mommy moves yeah!)
My cousin kc, we are really close. We were childhood bestfriends together with my sis

Cousin playing angry birds in my tab

Love my LOOOKKKK!!! :)

So girly and cute! My necklace was free from WAGW from my shopping spree.. I will post about my Christmas gift to myself soon! :::)))) Been busy, yaya of my son is not here.. :)

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