The Famous Honda Bay Tour in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hey Loves! Here is my second to the last Palawan blog diary! We went to Honda Bay, which there are a lot of beaches to enjoy from. Unfortunately, we only went to three islands.... First,  Pandan Island,then to Starfish island and last, Luli Island... I think the government controls the tourists now, because one of my companion said that last year, they went to about five or six islands. But nevertheless, we tried to enjoy the ride. :)

It was such a fine day with my hubby and son.. it's true when people say, it's always the company that's important. We always have a good time! The beach is so nice and the sand is fine and white. But compared to Boracay, I loved Bora more. :)

We paid 1,300/person. Everything is free from a private van, free lunch, free merienda, a nice tourist guide and a very comfortable destination.

So here are some of our pics!

Pandan Island

Starfish Island

Luli Island

Hope you love our pictures! Hope you will visit Palawan too! :)

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