Palawan Day 2: Journey to Puerto Princesa Subterranean River

Monday, August 5, 2013
Second day was my birthday! My hubby already gave me a very nice treadmill for my birthday, but I was really touched and surprised when he gave me another  birthday gift! It was the best feeling ever when I did not know that he has something planned! :) It was my dream camera for months now! It is in my wishlist for next year. He said that he got tired hearing me say how I love the camera. LOL So binili nalng nya. haha! Will post about my new camera when I finish the Palawan trip! 
Yummy brekky from Hibiscus Garden. 
It's time to go to the river! Please remember that if you are planning to go to the river, make sure that you schedule it 2 months before. They will not accept walk-ins.

Our company from Rizal. Nanay and Tatay.

Super duper nice. :)

It's time to go! I was so excited!

Indeed it's a journey to remember. :)  

Here is our Short Video:

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