July Babies

Friday, August 2, 2013
 Hi everyone! :) I sooo miss blogging again and again! Will be posting two posts today! From my Palawan Day 1 trip and this blogpost! :)

Here is my photodiary on my Monday celebration with besh Cherry. We are both July Babies! Her birthday is July 2, and my birthday is July 22! :) That is why we are so alike in so many ways! We both love fashion, make-up and food! But don't get us the wrong way. We are also serious entrepreneurs and also a nurse who passed with a little bit of flying colors. ( I don't know her average by the way.) haha. but I'm proud of my average! :) I got my score in 80 plus average in the board exam! I also passed Nclex which I am so proud because it was so hard for me. haha! While Cherry has a lot on her plate, flight attendant, beauty queen, model, news reporter and the lists go on.. she also now has her own clothing store! :) We are both competitive girls but on this aspect, we are not! We chose to have our friendship the priority.
I guess we are living our life the way we want it to be, and we are both glad that we have each other in our world. :)

 So here's my ootd!
Coach Bag
Rainbow Project Shorts
Budget Barbie Ph top
Shoes: C and K
Leather Jacket: Divisoria

We had fun dining at Bigby's restaurant.
Here is Cherry's gifts to me! I love it! Thanks besh! :)

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