Christmas Dinner with Cherry

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hi everyone! Just want to show you my Christmas dinner with Cherry! We went to eat at Lotus Court, Marco Polo

                                   Here's my outfit last night! The Michelle Phan Inspired Dress!

                                             Lotus Court Serves Chinese food. Score 6/10.

                                  Sexy Cherry wearing Budget Barbie PH for only P800 only

                                         I love the lace design on my dress!Im also wearing Budget Barbie PH
Dress : Budget Barbie PH
Shoes: Primadonna
FYI - Cherry paid for the food :)
a moment to remember
Time to eat!

Then we went to The Deck to have some wholesome cocktails. Shirley Temple for me, Cherry - Coke Zero
Cherry's gift - CHarles and Keith bag, .My favorite!

My bag!
My gift - Forever 21 Sneakers--- First time Cherry got this shoes.. she always wear heels so it's new for her! Then a cute wallet for passport and other imp stuff!

Life is so ironic, how can you be so close with someone in this lifetime? We always thought that the friends we gain when we are young will be the true ones, but Cherry proved me that she is a really good friend, and fun to be with too!

not in good terms look!

Friends Forever!

We just love to dress up for the night! It's just out girl trip! hehehe. We have an awesome time! It was so cold here we went home before 12! Hope you love the pics! Cherry's dress here is still for Sale! Happy Holidays

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  1. awww! it been quite awhile didn't update with you blogs! i really love you new image of this blogs! and you looook hot and gorgeous mama! i hope you dong great and Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and you family!:) i miss alot of you story here, gonna catch up everything. hehe:) hope you business doing great and awesome! :) stay pretty hot mama.