Max Factor Pan Cake Foundation Review

Thursday, January 3, 2013
Thank God its Friday!!! I promised for more beauty reviews so I therefore start my first beauty review of the year. So the make up artist/hairdresser told me that he wants to buy Max Factor foundation for the salon. So I got giddy and bought for myself because it actually is very good.
I chose the shade for Mestizas. 'Fair Natural' 

 At first I did not like it because you should wet the sponge first and had a hard time putting it on because only small amounts of the foundation stick to the sponge. Then my cousin KC told me that I should really wet the sponge more for better result. So I tried it the second time and it was really good. Many girlfriends told me that it really is very good for picture taking. 'Mura gyud muinat imuhang skin sa pictures.' So here's the sample of me wearing the foundation. Hope you love the turn out. For Morenas, Tha TAN 2 shade is better.

with no editing... :) Here is the pic! For comments and suggestions just email me at or add me on FB,

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  1. Hi, I wanted to buy one of these. How much po? Thanks in advance =)