My ordinary day

Friday, January 13, 2012
Hey guys, I just want to post this inspirational picture because it's cute, and inspirational for my upcoming church wedding. :)

So my day goes like this.. Camwhoring in the afternoon. I go out after lunch because I work online, our ICafe business branches to manage and well, be a blogger.. earning earning, loving it, loving it. Did I say I'm loving it???

So for our late lunch, my hubby and I eat Leylam's shawarma.. so yummy eh?! We buy 3. We share the third one! We said goodbye to rice!

Shawarma.. yummyyyyy!!!!
We have a branch in Cabantian, and here is our competitor. Boo yeah! LOl The pic is just for fun okay? It's suppose to be funny. It's good to have a competition! :)

Players, internet users, go to our Net central Branch. Please be LOYAL!

My gift for Liam.

Me and my hubby went to Abreeza so I can buy the house for Liam and gift for my sis!

Loving Paris. Wish I could go there someday! (save, save, save)
Jumper jeans and Hipster glasses! :)

Dream big! Do your own thing!


  1. i love your eyeglasses!


  2. tnx girl! it's from forever 21 :)