What a week!

Friday, January 6, 2012
I had plans to make a BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS blog  for my readers but I had a tough week.
Jan 1, my hubby and I had a huge fight about our business. But now it's okay, but it seems like a bad start. Then I hit two children by accident because of a parents negligence. Very traumatic but I got over it. Have to fix my car which adds to my extra expenses!  Then I got sick which was terrible. Lastly, my son now has fever.

I usually am a very optimistic person but so many things happened in a week. Last year was a great year for me. I hope it will be better. I declare Lord. Just don't hurt my kryptonite, my family. 

Things to look forward to this 2012:
1. Gain more friends.
2. Vacation in Hongkong, Manila, Malaysia? 
3. Our most awaited church wedding this June.
4. Honeymoon in Boracay or Palawan
5. More beauty blogs to help and inspire women.
6. More business ventures
7. To be able to pay all my bills.
8. Have time with my sis, bro, mom 
9. Liam finishes his playschool. He will be in Nursery soon. (Time flies so fast)

Things will get unpredictable. More stories and things to come. As long as Im strong I can conquer!

Aja Aja! :)

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