"Diamonds aren't a girl's best friend--freedom is."

Sunday, January 29, 2012
I am a fan of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The title of my blog is from Camille Grammer's quote on the show.
I find it really true. I'm not really a fan of jewelries. But if someone gives me, who am I to turn it down?
I find freedom really important. Growing up, my parents were so strict to me, and that I understand because that's for my own good and for my safety.

I married early, and I am really lucky to have a husband who lets me be. Freedom is really important to me. Having fun with friends, and I have pure platonic guy friends, and he lets me be with them. I can go out as much as I want to as long as he thinks I'm doing a good job in our business and to my son. In our finances, I have my own business and own job, and he is quite generous with his money with me. I really appreciate it because I don't have a jealous husband who I have to be worried of what he might think. 
Lastly, having freedom to do what I really love. Having the time to be with my son, being with my hubby all the time, do what I really want in life knowing that I don't have to hate waking up every morning is what makes me so grateful. I am always counting my blessings everyday of my life.
That's why no material things can replace freedom because I can grow as a person. You have to cherish it and not break the trust of your partner or else, freedom will be taken away and you will be miserable.

To be continued.. I'll talk about the time I was miserable from a toxic relationship.

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