Wednesday, January 18, 2012
I'm sorry for the super late post! :)

1. To put SPF Lotion daily, and I will include my neck.

2. I have to go easy on my skin. Sometimes we want the fast way to make our skin beautiful, but it irritates our skin. Over exfoliating or too much chemicals can be harsh on your skin. So be patient and use only one product at a time.

3.Do not use hair products everyday. I recently tried natural shampoos and conditioners from Human Nature, and it lessened my hair fall. Don't use heat styling curlers or straighteners everyday, it will make your hair dry.

4. Always clean your face before you go to sleep. I use St. Ives make up remover. 'Nuff said.

5.If you have pimples, don't pop it on your own way. Use a good product like Tea tree oil or wait for it to be gone. Don't think about it too much or else it will be bigger. (psychological)

6.Try sleeping on your back to avoid wrinkles :)

7.This is so hard.. to keep your hands from rubbing your eyes whenever it feels itchy. It causes wrinkles but I can't stop it. 

8. When you go to the gym, don't wear foundations, or concealers. Okay, if you have a crush, wear a dark lipstick, mascara, eyebrow liner and a cute hair bun. That is fine.

9.So it's January, it's now time to remove your expired make up! It causes pimples and blackheads!

Mascara - throw after 3 months
Foundation and concealer- one year
eyeshadow and powder - two years

10. Clean your make up brushes. :)

11. Try experimenting on make up. It will make you more beautiful and confident. Don't close your doors trying it, because when you get old, you can't experiment na. :)

Happy New Year :)

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