3 is a good number!

Thursday, November 24, 2011
For most of you who had some deep conversations with me, you might know that my mom is my hero.
My mom always told me to reach for my goals. Be a good girl. LOL. Be a nurse (which I did not like.)

So anyway, since Friendster and Facebook came into our lives, my mom always reminds me to stop overexposing myself with my pictures, with my life.
She said, just put some happy times that happened to me. Do not make some drama. Don't write status that will hurt other people.LOL

My mom is a very private woman. Her friends in facebook is only me and my siblings.
She always concentrates on us, that's what I love about her.
Aside from her shoe size, dress size, make up passion and taste in jewelry. LOL

Anyway, I always think that I would never be as private as my mom. I would go out with my friends, let loose.
But lately, when Liam turned three, I realized that I became a very private person.
I usually want to go to parties, go to the mall, shop.

I just want to stay in the house and bond with him. He is smart, funny and very sweet. He makes me smile.
Sometimes when my hubby invites me to go out, my mind is with Liam. I guess that's what a mother is all about.
I just love to see every development he had.

Before when he was younger, I have a love-hate relationship with him. He has a bad attitude.It's hard to give tough love with him. I love him so much.  Basically because he does not know what's right or wrong. He has mood swings, he spanks everyone! LOL

Right now, I can communicate with him, play with him better, watch TV or do some random things with him. I can even work when he's around!
So all I can say is 3 is a good number! I'm lucky to have him.
My mom isss ssssooo rrriigghhht. I'd rather spend my day with my kid than going out. LOL

I just wish I can be as good as my mom on how she raised us.
Of course, I still have time for other things but if you would let me choose, being with my loving son is number one.

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