My Life as an Airport Girl (Cebu Pacific ground crew)

Monday, July 25, 2011

I had a job stint in Cebu Pacific here in Davao (four months) and I really thought that it would be all fun and relaxation. I was wrong. Being part of a ground crew requires a big responsibility. There are so many things to be stressed about :

1. The initial camaraderie with peers and colleagues is not developed. I have to deal with different attitudes.

2. There are so many things to be careful about checking people in like the validity of their passports, minors, pregnancies, illnesses and dangerous goods, like honey and vinegar.

3. I have to deal with the all the passengers baggage, like their free allowance..extra kilos. If their baggage is lost along the way I have to deal with a lot of shit, people do so many things to me like putting me down ( as if im uneducated) shouting, in short just plain disrespectful.

4. OMG. how about the delays and cancellation of flights? Some people will be like monsters and shout at us or make a scene as if its our fault. Its for their safety daaammmmmiiitttt. There was a time that I had been televised in Testigo (GMA) being harassed by a passenger because we didnt give them free food and it was a delay for 2 hours. That girl said that she was a classmate of the owner of Cebu Pacific. duuuuhhh??? She even said she will not stop harassing me until she was given free food (well she didnt). She gave me nightmares after that.

5.The most scary thing is the international flights, if I get it wrong like a british foreigner go to Vietnam which needs a visa, I will be suspended and there will be a very big fine because of that.

All in all it made me feel stressed because I didnt have time for my family. I only got 2 hours to spend time with them because of the delays, meetings and seminars. My husband was not happy about it. There are some perks also like free food, and meeting showbiz personalities and politicians. Along the way, I met some good friends like tal2 and arlene.. mam cecil,mam noreen,mam ice and of course my mentor Sir Nic (our manager). It was a whirlwind experience but I had learned a lot specially on having a work ethic.

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