Michelle Phan Look Pinoy version ;b

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I recently tried the Michelle Phan Look and I loved it. I went to church and they loved my look. So here's the output and what I used.

1. (Primer) I cant afford primers so I used Myra E Moisturizer and it worked well. As long as you put something in your face to moisturize, and  the foundation will be applied well.

2. I used The Face Shop BB Cream in Power Perfection. It costs around 1295 pesos but its worth it. Its big and will make your skin will look really flawless. 

3. For the foundation to last all day I used Ever Bilena Powder Cake Foundation in 553.

4. For the blush on I used NARS in orgasm but you can use any pink blush. I know its expensive but my mom gave it to me. ;b
5. For the eyebrow, I used in2it waterproof eyebrow color ER 01 eyebrowns and Ever Bilena Brown Mascara.

6. For the white eyeliner, I used Maybelline EyeStudio 2-in1 impact shadow liner.

7. For the black eyeliner, I used Revlon Cream liner.

For the lipstick, I used  Revlon Matte Lipstick in really red 006

For the gloss I used a P50 gloss from Watsons, I forgot the brand name. 

8. For the eyelashes I just bought it in Victoria Plaza. They have a wide variety of fake eyelashes.

Hope you liked it! ;b

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