Best Buy Lotion

Sunday, October 30, 2011
Got this one in Abreeza, expensive and nice but no plans to buy it again.

My fave Lancome perfume/lotion Miracle (credits to my mom)
Myra E has microbeads on and not oily! Super mura pa! :)

This is my ultimate fave! Dove Firming Lotion! Smells fresh and feels good in my skin!

Did not like it, super oily!

My top fave also!!! Nive Happy Time! smells so good!!!

Loved this natural lotion from Human Nature! In Moonlight Passion!Let your skin breathe! Most lotions contain mineral oil that clogs our pores and does not allow our skin to breathe, speeding up ageing in the process. It is like wrapping our skin in plastic to make it seem soft and smooth. Instead, this lotion has passion fruit seed oil for young looking skin! 

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