Samsung Galaxy Tab 10. 1 review

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I dont like this guy. suplado. lol

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the thinnest, lightest and fastest tablet in the world.

Faster 3G (HSDPA+ up to 21Mbps)
Thinner 8.6mm
Lighter 595 gram (4G)
Larger 10.1"
Sharper Imaging 3MP (Rear) 1.3MP (Front)
Clearer 1280x800 WXGA
Richer Browsing Adobe Flash 10.2 
tan tananan tanan! It has a USB port! :) lol so happy. 
right now I'm still reviewing and exploring my tab coz I get confused from my iphone world. 
ALL THE APPS FOR KIDS FOR FREE. READING MATERIALS and etc. wtf ryt? ipad..goodbye! lol Photoediting for free!!! games FOR FREE! LOL i DONT NEED TO BUY SOME OF THE HIGHEST PAID STUFF.  Im your budget girl right? lol 

Only negative stuff: Ipad/iphone touching mode is much faster.
battery life is better on iphone/ipad.
If your asking why I compare them coz my sis in law has ipad 2. lol
That's about it! Hope you loved it for those interested.
Bought my samsung galaxy tab for 25k in simlim, sg 16 gig

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  1. also you can you can watch movies or series in wireless mode in your samsung tv to samsung tab. amazing.