The Hills

Friday, April 6, 2012
When I was in college, I loved the show, The Hills. I'm crazy for it. So this Holy week, aside from God, and some family bonding..And Wedding preparations, I also was hooked on looking blogs of my favorite girls from the Hills. Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port. Anyway, I also watched Liam Neeson in The Grey, and I was disappointed. LOL . Here is Lauren's blog link:

I also loved Olivia Palermo in Whitney Port's show, The City. She is so pretty and fashionista.. and she is so natural and I believe we have the same taste, minus my current love for Gyaru fashion lately. Here is her blog:

I think Whitney Port is kinda boring but she was given some chances to have her fashion line and own show. But I love how she is shy, but able to deliver at the same time. She is also pretty. well, what the heck. I miss The Hills and The City.. :) Here is her official blog:

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