Ready for Summer in Boracay

Sunday, April 22, 2012
Hey guys! As I have been lost in translation on my blog, sorry for that, I was very busy conceptualizing my prenup shoot and our 'surprise' wedding presentation next month and this week, I will be maid of honor with one of my besties, Aissa Lu. I'm so excited! I promise I will post more on my blog after the wedding! :)
For our Honeymoon/bonding with mama, my sis and my kuya.. we will go to Bora, which was my dream since I was in HS, now, I had completely planned it and I hope it will go I was going to the mall, I foung bikinis that I liked! So excited to wear them. This cute blue bikini from SM department store.. so freakin cute!

I love the high waisted bikin and I found this on Soul boutique store which I can wear 20 ways! so freakin cool also.. at P1295.. so worth it I think.
Here is the guide
SM department store too.. turquoise and fuchsia!

GS mall bikini.

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