March Fashion Shopping Haul

Friday, April 6, 2012

Here is a boring pic of me

I love how my silk blouse complemented my soft romantic make up

So I'm gonna share about my March Shopping Haul. Almost every end of the month, I shop to reward myself. But that does not mean it has to be expensive. I just want to share it with my readers to inspire them and so that they would know where I buy my stuffs. Just look at the vloggers in youtube sharing their shopping hauls every month. Hope you will all be inspired by me being a shopping pro. LOL

Pretty much cute bathing suit for summer. Costs only P430

My ultimate fave Crocheted Gyaru inspired shorts! Yahhhoo for only 330. I'm obsessed with this shorts. It's so Kawaii
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Pretty purple high waist shorts for only P175! I bought all this cute stuffs in Gaisano South Mall Department Store. When I was in College, I always go here to have some cute but very affordable stuffs. My favorite brand there is Five & Co. But this are not Five & Co. It's all bangkok stuffs, I think. 3 cute stuffs for less than P1000. Im a shopping Maven! LOL

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