Relationship 101: Stale Donuts

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hi Everyone! Last Sunday me and hubby boy watched the movie Five Year Engagement. We loved this guy from How I Met Your Mother and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I can score it as 9/10 because the story was really good. Almost all couples can relate to it. But I gave it a minus 1 because it was 2 hours. I guess I wanted the storyline to be shorter. Anyway, As you can see in the movie, they had a long engagement, because of work circumstances. You can't past very good career for marriage right? What's meant to be is really meant to be if he/she is the right person. 
In the movie, I learned and related on the love problem called RESENTMENT. Many couples has sacrificed a lot for their relationship. Specially for career reasons. I wanted to go to US to have my nursing career, but instead I married my soulmate, got pregnant, and indulged in being his business partner. I feel so blessed that I have him, although there are times that I regret and wonder what could have been. That's why sometimes I get angry with him because of no reason, because I resent him sometimes. But you know, he also gave up so many things for me like giving up a very great job opportunity in Lufthansa which has a very good salary and travel work. Then when we got married he really worked hard just to be able to give us a very good life. He is really a self-made man who is also very loving and quite OCD sometimes. Anyway, good things has happened to me, being a wife, mother and a daughter keeps me really sane. Establishing our own business with my hubby is really makes us busy, and also I got an awesome new business that I am really passionate about and that's Budget Barbie PH! Fashion is truly my passion, and it really gets me up in the morning being fueled on how to become bigger and better. I am so glad that everything happened for a reason. I don't even want to be a nurse, but if needed I would. Thanks to God and supportive family. I know life is not perfect but right now, I guess it is! Life could not get any better and I am very easy to please! LOL

The other lesson I learned is that Stale Donuts.Sometimes, you wonder when your in a relationship for so long, it gets old, and you can compare it to stale/old donuts. I mean you can still eat it, but it is not that yummy anymore. LOL. Most of us might look the other way, being the typical bored person. When your in a long term relationship, you might think that your partner is not new or exciting anymore. No more mystery. I loved the movie because even if a new relationship is exciting and fun, with a little bit of butterflies in the stomach, we all get to be old too, and your lucky if your partner adores you even if you are the one who gets old or be boring right?
Also, the new one gets to be old and stale too, FYI. 

So if you have a good partner, you just have to treasure and love that person.
As Steve Jobs said, "The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you have not found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all the matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it."

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