The New Sex and the City

Sunday, August 26, 2012

 Are you like me, who loves Sex and the City so much that I rerun all seasons five times already? I love them so much, from the outfits, the storyline and the friendships. They grow with each other. As I watched the show, I always dreamed of having fabulous and true friends like that and be wearing those outfits of Ms. Carrie Bradshaw, have all the adventures and walk the streets of Manhattan. But now I have to accept the fact that right now it's not gonna happen and I know I will have new dreams and for sure, I am very happy here with my husband, my prince charming, soulmate, my adorable son, fabulous friends, good career/business and my fantastic family.
Anyway, as much as I am a big fan of this show, you might all think that living in New York is great. It seems all easy. My mom is there and she told me you really have to work hard to survive Manhattan. As the recession grew in USA, you can't help the fact that Sex and the City show is not the reality. As much as we all wanted, we all thought that everything was all factual, with all the sexcapades of this women. But as a matter of fact, the lifestyle of Carrie Bradshaw as a writer is absolutely not true. She could not have a nice rent-controlled apartment with that kind of work. But I really enjoyed the show. I learned a lot from it and it was very entertaining, that it was very sad to say goodbye to a wonderful show as Sex and the City.

So excited to tell you guys that HBO has created a new show, revealing the real stories of TRUE New Yorker Girls which was almost the same as my age bracket. You can see the Sex and the City Reinvented... and the title is GIRLS. It was so funny, revealing and you can have fun with the humor. On the last picture, the left one is like Samantha Jones, the next one is like the new Charlotte (the uptight one), the next will be the new Carrie,who is overweight, and not as perfect as Carrie, and is a writer. The last one on the right is the Miranda but not actually, because she is a virgin. LOL I thought you might all want to check out the show. I am now on my 10th episode and it was so fun for me and kept me entertained while doing some chores here in the house. Anyway, that's about it. Goodbye!

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  1. Ooooh! i'm a big fans as well too! :) it sad t see it come over but i sure it one of the best drama ever! do agree with you. it kid of teach all the women/girls life. that fabulous!:)