Wedding Diary 2: My Long Hair and Gyaru Inspired Look

Saturday, May 5, 2012
Fashion Post: Cardigan from Mags, blouse from Victoria Secret, Crocheted shorts. Gyaru is all about feminine and childlike look.

My hair is quite long now, It gets so tiring trying to make it nice, and to maintain it. I never cut my hair for two years now for my wedding.

Hair is very important for a wedding. I hope I could have a perfect hairdo for it. Everyone's telling me to color my hair back to brown, but I like it more better to be black for my wedding. It would be nice to look natural and my roots will not be shown.. Thats what I hate on hair color.. you have to maintain it, which costs a lot of money because it can dry my hair. So I made the wise decision to make it back to black. After my wedding, I plan to shorten it.

This is the unedited look. I have a small pimple.. can you see it? :)

Went to Green Tea to choose the best prenup pictures to submit to my photogs.. :) Took me a long time to finish it.

Inside the coffee shop

Are you confident enough to eat on your own? For me, I just love it. I could do whatever I want and I can relax. Better try it girls! :)

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