Wedding Diary: Behind the Scenes of our Fantasy Pictures

Sunday, May 6, 2012
Hi everyone! Many of my readers are telling me to give a glimpse of our Prenup Pictures.. So I decided to give small parts of the 12-scene pictures.. Although six themes are only the special pics, the other six themes are about the real us...but I will post it after the wedding..The first pic was a sexy beach shoot which I reallly love.. my hubby lookin sexy too :)
The All White Bohemian Style.. So adorable! :)
Of course our prenup shoot will not be complete without our son with us! :)
Because almost all prenup video has been chanelling Retro.. I decided to have one.. LOL.. The pics are really cool.. we look really like from 1950's.. but most of our pics are from Modern/Fashion shoot style. Stay Tuned for more wedding diary edition! :)

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  1. Omg!!! i been folllowing you latest update about the wedding! those picture really awesome n great n pretty! hope to see more coming! hehe:) u loook gorgeous and for you hubby look sexy! hihihi