Whats Up? My Maid of Honor is Here! :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012
Yesterday was a very tiring day for me coz I went to a lot of errands so that the time will pass by and my sis will come home na.. I heard that the first ever French macaroons is in Lachi so I panicked and bought 15 pieces. I know Im so gullible.. gosh! It's so expensive P35 each! But if you buy 3 it will be 100 pesos. I wondered what it tasted because everyone in the world is crazy for it....BUT.. ITS NOT YUMMY.. TASTED CHEAP. SORRY. I WILL NOT BUY AGAIN.
anyways here is my sister and me buying me shoes just because she loves me!

Here is her very sweet hubby waiting for her at the airport

with my lola. forgive me for the towel. its raining hard last night yo!

okay I look funny and weird.

First Up! Got to bring her to Abreeza!

Love Love Love my sister! :) So happy now, my maid of honor is here at last! (Stop panicking to your wedding.. its gonna be next Saturday! :)

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