Wedding Diary: Making my Own Give Away Covers

Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Hey Everyone! Making your own give away wraps is so easy! Just Buy your own cloth and make a pouch type. Design your own Logo.. F and E then print, then cut out! The Wines are for my ninongs!

Just buy a cute tie for the pouch!

with flash!
My Invitation from Crafters Haven. The Original is there was no crystals around the logo. I bought the crystals from a craft store and surrounded the logo to make it look nicer.

Victoria Secret for the Ninangs!

Wrap it up baby!

My friend Sarah Estor made this cute caricature of us! So cute! For the Dress Guide.
The Bride being Busyyyyy!!!

So proud of myself! I really enjoyed preparing for our wedding! Other give aways I bought in Divisoria!

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