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Friday, June 14, 2013

 Hi Loves! I love my look yesterday. Me and my hubby went out on a date. It's been a while. I was so busy! :) I felt giddy and excited! :) I decided to have a wholesome look coz I rode a jeepney going to SM Lanang! We were so cute because he went first to downtown and its very impractical to drive another car since we will go home together. :) So while I was in the jeep my hubby texted me what I want for dinner etc, and it feels like college boyfriend-girlfriend days! haha. Then he said that while waiting for me he thought that I will wear something simple and not fashionable because I'm riding a jeep. Haha. He's wrong! :) I still want to impress him after seven years! Keep the romance alive baby!
 My outfit is from Forever 21 head to toe! Shoes from Aldo


we ate at Mandarin :) 
OMG I love the movie Man of Steel. It gave a unique storyline. The last Superman movie was so bad and boring and I was happy that this was good. And let me tell you that the Superman who portrayed Superman was sssooo freakin hot. OMG. Super duper hot. Ka-level with Thor but much more handsome. :)
I usually not attracted to other guys coz my hubby is the apple of my eye but Superman is so handsome!

Thank God its the weekend!

May Your Dreams Come True!

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