What do you remember buying when you were young?

Sunday, June 9, 2013
 Hey everyone! Happy Monday! :) Hope you have enough energy to start your week right! 

As I am writing my blog today.. I realized that I don't remember anything significant thing that I bought for myself when I was young. Cute clothes? Nice Shoes? hhhmmm and many more. But none of it matters now because that was all things and it just passes you by. It will get old and by this time its either you gave it to your relatives, its in your bodega, for the rich (garage) and you don't even care about it anymore.
 So lets see.. hhhmmm? what do I remember? HHHmmmm.. Sunday jogging at the PTA ground with my family.  Playing Monopoly, grocery shopping with them..sleepovers with my cousins.
 Memories and experiences --- very important to your life. It will really mold you for what you want to be today. 

Right now, my son does not want toys. I don't know why. Maybe because he is smart? or maybe he has enough toys?

I can think of so many ways how my son is so lucky. He can be with us anytime he wants. My Mama and Papa always has to go to work.

 So now I realize that my son is contented with his life. He has all the love in the world. He feels loved everyday thats why he is so satisfied with his life. No toys amount to our time. I am happy that he feels that way. Maybe me and my hubby did something really good. It's good to not let your children be materialistic but instill to them the drive to succeed. 
 Window shopping at Forever 21. No shopping for today. :) Too many goals this year. :)
Dress - Budget Barbie PH
Jacket - f21
Shoes - C and K
simple look for a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Just our Sunday family bonding :) 

May Your Dreams Come True xoxo

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