Wedding of Dex and Mae Ann :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013
Hi Loves! Just want to share the wedding of my mentor, Mae Ann Evangelusta! She's the reason why I decided to take the risk and have my own botique. She's my inspiration in the RTW business. She really gives me good advice and she's always there everytime I need her. So glad that I found a friend and a mentor at the same time.

Actually we were already schoolmates in Assumption College of Davao. :)
She's older than me. We already know each other but we are not close. She's a lot closer to my cousin KC who is her barkada and batchmate. :)
Here is a pic with me and my beautiful cousin KC. :)

We wanted to have so many vain pics together.

Thanks for the Mercado-Cancio blood! :)
So pretty! She looks like Maxine Magalona :)

Her wedding was so nice. The theme: Long Distance relationship :)

Where: Marco Polo Hotel
Wedding Coordinator: Annie Lim
Photographers: Simply Gray and Kent Lazarraga
My cousin practicing her prayer. hehehe

the set up was really nice!
Did not have the chance to have a pic with the married couple because I was so shy and they are so busy but I guess my well wishes is enough! So happy for her! :)
Here is Mae Ann and Dexter with my cousin KC :)
Here we are together.. Best Wishes Mae Ann! :) So happy for you and Godbless to your married life! :)

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