What to do in Davao: Go to Eden Nature Park

Tuesday, June 11, 2013
 Hey loves! My brother, his partner and their friends visited Davao for 3 days. Quite a short trip for first timers. SO of course I suggested to go at Eden Nature Resort.
 Decided to have a Safari Inspired Look :)
 Having fun with my son. 

Going to Eden is so worth it. You can feel the beauty of nature, the yummy buffet and there are lots of activities going on. Ziplines, horsebackriding, Eden Tour, Pinoy games, Indiana Jones etc. etc. 
 With Haffyfrincessz! my kuyas partner!
 with my brother and sister. 

 Hubby and son about to take the zipline! I was so nervous! :)
 My son definitely had fun! He was not scared. Before the activity, he said, "Dada are you sure about this?"
Then later on, he said, "I can do this! "
 Just having fun bonding with my sis
 This pic looks like I'm not in Davao. :)
Simple bonding moments :)

The day was so fun! Hope you will try going to Eden Nature Park too! :)

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