Blooming multi-tasking Woman!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Many of us women, have so many roles to play, a wife, mother, employee, businesswoman, a friend, maid, cook, anything under the sun! But do we have to look bad or look LOSYANG??? dark under eyes go away!Bright eyes, here we go!!!! This is me without make up! Check out the difference, no editing please! ;b

This is so easy.. here's the secret...

Put concealer on your eyebags/ dark under eye circles.

and also to your eyelids ;b

My hubby took all these pictures, we had a hard time because we alwys laugh everytime I pose. lol

my concealer here is Covergirl with Olay ;b It costs around P750. It's worth it, coz it's good to invest on a good concealer. ;b

Shape your brows with eyebrow liner ;b I suggest a brown one, so that your face will not look so strong.;b

 Wear your favorite shade of lipstick ;b

Put a white eyeshadow all over your lids so that your eyes look brighter ;b

Here is a closer look of my brown eyeliner ;b

The secret to brighten up your face is to use white eyeliner! The best white eyeliner is from Maybelline. Super affordable and the quality is nice ;b It costs around P350. ;)

Hope this beauty blog helped you a lot. Thank you for all your kind messages in my FB. I'm happy I helped a lot of my girl friends ;)

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