Modern Family

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I just want to share the best family comedy show I ever watched. The Modern Family. Every time I'm watching it my jaw is sore from laughing. hehe. They are the typical American family and their sense of humor really is same as mine. lol 
 This is a gay couple who really loved each other, sometimes when you see this in a series or in a movie people might get uncomfortable. But to this couple, they really look cute and very funny. I looovvveee them so much!

 Sofia Vergara is the second wife of this guy who had two kids which is one of the gay couple and the girl below this picture. He is a typical dad very strong but a man who tries to be a good one. Sofia has a child from her first marriage.
This is my favorite couple in the world! They get to discipline their kids and at the same time tries to have a very happy marriage.

I would definitely recommend this show to all of you. Message me, or comment here of what you think! ciao!!!

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