Recipe for a Happy Marriage

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Everytime I wake up, i feel like I'm floating in the air because of happiness. I love my hubby and my son, they are the reason why I am here in here in this world. (Also to inspire people and to be with my mom, siblings, relatives and friends) haha!! Well, all I can say that our marriage is not perfect because we have different personalities, even different likes and dislikes. Sometimes we like to disagree on some things.

I had lived my life in full idealism and expectations. During our 5 year relationship with my husband, I realized that I cannot live my life with ideas that is perfect and my husband should be the best one. It will just lead me to disappointment and discontentment. So what I can say is that the secret to a happy marriage is compromise. If sometimes you get irritated towards your partner, then just shrug it off. Sooner or later you will just get the hang of it. hahaha. I'm not really in the position to give advice because I'm so young and I didn't have so many problems to deal with. Well, don't read my blog. lol 

What I can say about my hubby is that even if we have different personalities, we have the same goal, and that is to have a happy family and that means, financially and striving for the best in every aspect of life. Let's face it we need money so that we could give a bright future for our family, right? For me, I had given up my job just for him. Because he wants me to concentrate on my son (him also) and to our business. So, that's compromise! What I had done is really a big deal for me because I want to have a job of my own and earn money, so that I can save money for my mom when she gets old. But who says I can't have it all? So I'm always finding ways to earn money on my own and to be with my son at the same time. I always remind myself that so many women would like to trade with me because I have the right to be with my child. 

So, always count your blessings, be glad that you are healthy and able to spend time with your husbands. Be happy with what you have now. Always try to understand your hubby, be the wind beneath his wings, but not the MARTYR type, don't mind the small things, and just concentrate on the future, the bigger picture.. and don't forget to listen to your parents because they had been there... and God of course...

To be continued......I'm so young and I'll blog about marriage more and more till I grow old.. hehehehehe

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