The most Unforgettable Adventure in my Life :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011
When I was in college, I was so busy with school and my friends. I rarely go out to party because I don't drink.  What I enjoy the most are outdoors and going to the beach with my friends. Here is the greatest adventure of my life. Me and my friends climbed the Tudaya falls :) It's been a long journey. Along the way you can hear me whining, screaming and hating my friend Dan on why I ever let myself get into this situation, but in the end it was all worth it. :)

one of our fun climb moments (i'm happy pa here )
 waiting for the bus..
 enjoying the beautiful creation of God

 This is the worst part.. I think I felt na I will die here :)

Here is the summary of the story made by my good friend Sarah :)

[May 24-26, 2006]

Team PASUBO, Tudaya Adeventure

Day 1: we met at the building infront of Metrobank Bankerohan, at around 1am. Pagdating ko, OMG! si dayen and farrah, ang outfit nakapang mall. Pero sige lang, I know they can do it. We manage to ride a jeep at 4am. Going to Baracatan, nalampas pa ang jeep, I thought we were lost. Buti na lang nahanap rin ang way. We were dropped somewhere, hehheeh. The road that we'll be trekking was really muddy and slippery. After 6 hours of trek, we have to pass a hanging bridge!!! scary talaga. imagine, pagtingin mo sa ibaba is a river full of big rocks, then it's as high as a 3-storey building, and the bridge was made of bamboo with two bamboo support. as in tachycardic talga kami magcross sa bridge, except for others who were experienced in doing this.

Almost night na, naabutan kami ng ulan, so as expected magooverflow ang river na icrocross namin. Di kami nakacross sa river since the current is really really strong and malalim rin ang water. So we decided to stay near the river and wait until the river is suitable for crossing. But night came, malakas pa rin ang current. So we decided to camp out there. Pero di namin magamit ang tent since the place is really rocky. Kanya kanyang pwesto sa big rocks para matulog. Imagine we are out in the wild, in the open, we do not know what dangers are stored for us, pero buti na lang wala.

Day 2: Going to the campsite. eto ang pinakabonggang climb ko. for the first time kasi, nagluto kami ng spaghetti sa bukid!!! weeee.. We spent the whole day there.

Day3: Trek to tudaya waterfalls. It was just a short trek, along the way i have seen poison ivys. The waterfalls is really majestic. Jaw dropping, as in!!!
then di na kaya ng katawan namin ang lamig, heheeh we went back to campsite. By the afternoon, we went home. ^_^

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