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Thursday, August 18, 2011
 happy me :)

when we were still single aka we have no money, me and my hubby eat kwek kwek, barbeque and anything under the sun kind of food. We are so happy just to be with each other. Kfc and Syms is a luxury for us before.. :)
 Right now, when we have the means to eat more than we were in college, from time to time we are still craving for a delicious meal within the budget but oh so satifying :) so my husband discovered this at UM Ponciano. The name is Chick a Bing Ding formerly Golden Chicken. This is so yummy, crunchy and very tasty :)

my hubby is a busy man with a lot on his shoulders. What I love about him is that he never changed. He is still the same man I was inlove with. I hope he feels the same way too :b I'm so lucky. Praise the Lord! :)

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