Fashion #8 red shorts and gray shirt/ sunday date with hubby and offroad challenge

Monday, August 22, 2011
 wwoooaaahhh ang putik :)

 paparazzi mode :)

galit sa paparazzi ko aka my hubby :)
lovin my new shoes from primadonna :)

so hot grabe ang offroad challenge.. but we went there to support eric's business partner aldo who organized the event and also a contestant. We went to Abreeza Mall because we were craving for some chinese food. We went to Dimsum Diner. We got really excited because we were craving it since last night pa.. spicy honey chicken, salt and pepper riblets and yangchow here we go! But!!!!!! they made us wait for 35 minutes already and when we asked them what happened to our food they said sorry they already had one cook.. wtf its kadayawan and they only have one cook? he didnt even finish our spicy honey chicken and salt and pepper riblets.. only the yang chow!!!! wtf!!!! so we cancelled our order and went to Dimsum Diner Damosa.. and we got our order for only 10 minutes.. talk about fast and good service.. well I still enjoyed our day anyway. :)

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