Instant Chemistry :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012
Many of my readers know that I am finally getting married in the church. My husband and I got married legally but not to God. So after three years, I finally have the chance to get my dream wedding and I am so happy. I'm kinda semi-bridezilla. So I was looking for the perfect place to have my whole wedding entourage and I finally got the perfect designer.

Her name is Ms. Cristy Samson, and we have instant chemistry. I mean you just know. I have seen her designs and I super love it. It's expensive but it's cheaper than Chardin or whatever. We instantly clicked and I know she wants the best for me :)

My Saturday simple outfit :) Blouse - Divisoria P80 LOL , shorts from GAP, I edited it to have more edge put waves on it, then my super comfy sandals :)

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