Korean Skin in 2 minutes :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012
Hey guys! This is my skin without make up :)

I really love how Koreans have porcelain skin.. I tried doing my own style and people are asking what I'm using.. You just need two minutes to have Korean skin and it's very affordable :) Put your BB cream on your face.. Find one that's perfect for your skin type. I love BB cream because it makes my skin slightly shiny and nice.

Here is the outcome
Then I add a Fashion 21 concealer which I love. It's so affordable less than 200 and it looks really nice when combined with my BB cream
I put it in my dark circles and other parts where it is darker than usual
Here is the overall look!!! Nice yo!
My outfit for the day

If you put make up on it here is what it looks like. I use the 'korean look' everytime I go out on a date or with my friends. I don't wear make up everyday specially when I go to the gym. :)

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