Monday, February 27, 2012
So me and my family went to Macau because it's just a one hour ferry ride from Hongkong.

Here is my son being 'mature' on a Macau bus

The Hongkong-Macau trip was so fun and tiring because I have my son with me, the only thing that kept me going is The Chupa-chups strawberry and cream. LOL

Lovin my outfit.
Of all the restaurants we had tried this restaurant is the best. Cafe de Coral in Macau near our hotel.

Yummy much

My son and niece fell inlove with the aquarium.

Italian Style in The Venetian hotel.
With our singer Portia

It's freakin cold out here.. in the middle of the Galaxy and the Venetian.

A pic of a ferry

liam and my hubby

Directions anyone?

The love of my life enjoying the hotel.

Macau Streets

25X Bus to the LAs Vegas of Macau

My son happy to be in the hotel at last

Going home it was effin cold. wtf

waiting for the 25X Bus. Special Tip: Do talk with younger individuals when asking for directions.. most of the people in Macau are rude and they don't talk to us and shrug as off. LOL. But other Macau residents, the 20 something's, they are able to talk to us and helped us.
This is the hotel where we stayed, Pousada de Mong-ha, its the number 1 hotel in the TripAdvisor in Macau and we loved our rooms and the service. They have a computer inside where we can have internet 24/7 and they are very hospitable. That's about it. :)

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