Love and Friendship

Sunday, February 17, 2013
 Hey Everyone! Just want to share to you my Saturday look! This Mango Inspired Blazer was from my hubby :) Pants from BBPH, Shoes from Primadonna PH, bag from Forever 21.
 My Saturdays was so fun. Me and Cherry went out after 2 weeks of not seeing each other. Because the two of us was soooo busy with our career thats why. Some people were asking me why me and Cherry don't have pics anymore.. did we fight? are we not getting along? That's so funny! Even if we are busy, we always text/bbm each other to inspire and to catch up with our lives. She is my business partner and we are doing our best to succeed in our business.
 Also, we started our business to gain money, and of course to have fun! What I love about our partnership is that we don't get head to head with each other. We are far from being competetive. In short gusto namin manahimik at mag negosyo, magpaganda at magpakasaya. LOL. It's so nice because we always look for each other and giving ideas for our business. Sometimes we agree to disagree but as always friendship is always first.
We went to SM Lanang Premiere @ Gilligans. The food was not that great but the ambiance is quite good, and its not expensive at all.

After all the chikas/business meeting, we decided to take a picture with LARGER THAN LIFE LOVE.
As always LOVE LOVE LOVE. We are here to inspire, to earn, to love, no need for stabbing on the back, trying to outdo one another.

Check out Cherry's take on our Saturdate:


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