Yummy Yellow Fin

Tuesday, February 5, 2013
 Hey Guys! Just one to share to you one of our fave restaurant, Yellow Fin! The owner is actually Ek's friend, Pedro Angeles.
 Sorry for the blouse. hehe. I did not know it looked that way na pala. hehe,it's the only pic I have.
 With my lovely date! We went to their Lanang Branch because its near Forever 21.
                                        You must try the yummiest Greaseless Chicken Ever!
                                           The yummy Sizzling Bagaybay - heaven!
                           Yummy Spare ribs too. All in all 9/10! Yummy and Very Affordable!

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  1. Hi Farah! I'll share photos of my wedding soon in my blog but as of now you can check at Nice Print's photo album here for a few of them:
    Lorenzo & Sharina Wedding

  2. This was just across SM Lanang right?