New Skin Care Routine

Friday, February 8, 2013

Hey Loves! Just want to share to you my new skincare routine, Beauche International! Yep! I finally gave in to the trend. My bff Raiza told me to try this product. She told me its really really nice, but she told me that pimples will come out after 2 weeks of using it, then after that you will have a fairer, pinker skin! So I told her that no way will I try a product that will let me break out in 2 weeks! LOL.

I decided to let my hubby boy try this so that he will have nicer skin. It is our nice bonding time every night. I put it on him because he is so lazy putting all the products on his own. I decided to try it also because I saw the seller, she really has a beautiful rosy white skin. LOL

Now, its been 2 days since I've tried this product, my hubby and I have breakout on our faces. But not many by the way. After 2 weeks I will share to you guys my new skin, the fairer and pinkish one! LOL I will absolutely will tell you guys if its true or not.

The set comes in Kojic Soap, Skin Toner, Clarifying Lotion, Exfoliating Cream, Rejuvenating Cream and Age Eraser Cream, all for P750 only.

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  1. Let us know the result! :) Although girl, you dont seem to need it. You have beautiful flawless skin already!