My top 2 Favorite Couples

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's Valentines Day and all I want for my blog post is to share my top 2 favorite couples in Holly wood!
 Meet Ken and Lisa. I saw them from watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She's my favorite housewife ever. She's so classy, she loves pink, she's a businesswoman and not a pushover.She's a very strong woman. So is her hubby Ken, who I think is like my husband, supporter and loving husband. I love their partnership because you really see love and respect. I can really see me and my husband in them. Sometimes all we do is talk about business and just being laidback. Me and hubby love to communicate.

I just love her fashion, her sense of taste and class. She's funny also. She's also a good friend. She is so humble and she does not want to be a plain housewife. She wants to work work work. She also loves dogs. I tell you everything about this couple is ssssooo adorable.
Watch their show: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The Second couple that I really really love are Giuliana and Bill. She is an E! reporter - which is my favorite channel on earth! While Bill is the first winner of the Apprentice. They met while she interviewed Bill for E! News. Then he invited her on a date. What I love about G is that she made the best of her career, then find love, then family. I mean she can interview all the Hollywood celebrities! She is also very funny and fashionable. She really have one of the best life a woman could ever have! I love watching their show, it was really an adventure. Everytime they talked, I also see my hubby and I like that. Just communicating, supporting, doing the things they love to do. Just being there for each other through hard times. It is so refreshing seeing a couple like that. No drama just Love and career. I was crying when G was undergoing her breast cancer and her miscarriages she was so strong, and Bill was the best partner ever.Their life is so beautiful. They are very lucky to have each other.
Catch them on E! Channel: Giuliana and Bill

So here's me and my hubby. I know our marriage is very very far from perfect but it has its perfect moments. Everyday I wake up feeling happy how much love and support from the same man for 6 years. We love doing business together, we love to feel positive and we love to take care of each other. I am grateful that I can always spend all my time with him because we are partners/co workers. I am so so lucky to be blessed. I hope my marriage will be as strong as Ken and Lisa. LOL..I look forward for my forever years ahead with my husband.  Happy Valentines Day! A shout out for my sister coz its her bday! And to my brother in law, JOAR!

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