Ponds BB Cream Review

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Just want to share my Ponds BB Cream Review.
As a beauty consumer, I bought the 2, the flawless white and the age miracle BB Cream.
I just love the BB Cream's pearly skin effect on my face that why I really want to try the two.
Each BB Cream sosts P349.50 in Watsons.

On the next day, I was so excited to use the Age Miracle because I think it has a better effect than the flawles white, becausewhen  it says it fights aging, it has richer nutrients that they will put in the ingredients. But I realized it did not gave me much coverage. I was disappointed. But I will still use it.

The flawless white is much better. It has better coverage than the anti-ageing one. I love it.
But if you ask me, I would still use my BB Cream from Etude House and The Face Shop.
I will not buy Ponds again. But for those of you who wants to wear BB Cream that fits your budget, Ponds Flawless White is okay.
Here is a pic of me wearing the Flawless White Pond's BB Cream.

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  1. Is the ponds flawless white bb cream ok for oilytype skin ?